2 Ingredients Will Burn Fat And Remove Parasites From Your Body

2 Ingredients Will Burn Fat And Remove Parasites From Your Body

hookwormsIf you want to remove some extra fat from your body, you’re in the right place. Here we recommend a powerful 2-ingredient recipe that will literally melt fat deposits in your body.

Health experts say that body fat is actually energy our body stores for future use, so in order to burn fat, you must be on a strict diet that will help you lose those fat deposits. But, weight loss is not easy, especially if you know that there are other energy reserves that interfere with the fat-burning process.

These other energy deposits include glycogen (carbohydrate) and protein (muscle). The way your body uses fats can be changed by the way it uses other energy deposits. For instance, you crave for something sweet, and you satiate your craving, especially when these cravings happen sporadically. However, if these cravings occur frequently and you can’t get enough of sweets, it points to high stress levels or even parasites in your stomach.

The thing is excessive intake of sweets creates perfect breeding ground for parasites. Even fungi and bacteria thrive in this environment, so your frequent cravings are caused by these parasites.

Recipe to Remove Fat Deposits and Parasites from Your Body

  • 100gr linseed
  • 10gr dried cloves

Grind the ingredients into powder. Take 2 tbsps. of this mixture every morning for 3 consecutive days. You can mix the powder with some water or add it to your breakfast.

After 3 days, take a 3-day break then repeat. Do this sequel for at least a month to completely clean your body of parasites.

In the meanwhile, continue taking all the necessary vitamins and minerals on a regular basis, because they your body depends on them for the release of energy from the food you consume.

Guess What Happens If You Eat Cucumber Every Day

Guess What Happens If You Eat Cucumber Every Day

cucumber-health-benfitsCucumbers may be one of the most beneficial vegetables known to man, rich in nutrients which protect you from a number of diseases, including cancer. Aside from its numerous health benefits, cucumber can promote your beauty as well, it can improve your hair and skin quality, flush out the toxins and rehydrate your body. All you have to do to reap its benefits is to add it to your everyday meals.

Here’s how your body will benefit from amazing Cucumbers:

Elimination of toxins & hydration of the skin

In a well-known fact that cucumbers are mostly made of water, 95% to be more exact. That’s why this vegetable is great for deep body hydration. Plus, it replenishes your body with most of the essential vitamins it depends on for proper function. Cucumber peel is also highly recommended because it accounts for most of the vitamin C content in cucumbers. Plus, it comprises about 10% of the RDA of vitamin C. But, it’s important to make sure that the cucumbers are organic.

Digestion & Burning fat

By eating cucumbers regularly, you improve your overall health. For one thing, you stimulate your fat-burning metabolism and eliminate extra fat more easily. Plus, cucumber is an excellent source of dietary fiber and water, which makes it extremely effective in eliminating body toxins.

Bad breath

Bad breath is a common health issue affecting many people. Cucumbers can help you get rid of this easily. What you do is slice a piece of cucumber and put it in your mouth. Hold it in for about thirty seconds. The strong antibacterial properties of cucumbers will kill bacteria that cause bad breath.